I’m pretty firmly convinced that the life of a Christian mirrors that of a butterfly.  At least, to some degree.  Did you know that in the chrysalis, when the caterpillar is becoming a butterfly, it’s going through this crazy-transforming process where the caterpillar’s entire body basically becomes goo?  Lovely, right? Just what you had in mind.  But that’s the way God engineered the fuzzy, slow-moving, rolly-polly caterpillar to become a delicate, gorgeous, flying butterfly.

I think God does that to our lives too (if we allow Him).  I think there are times when God basically turns us into mush.  And yes, those are generally the very painful times.  But it’s after those times of mush when we know Him deeper, when we can DO more, when we reflect Him better.

Once we’ve made the decision to live a life that pleases Him, to surrender to the amazing plan He has for us, our caterpillar bodies start spinning a chrysalis and the “mush” time is upon us.  Ouch.

But, good is coming.  Unfortunately, due to a little mishap in the Garden Of Eden, we won’t be completely changed into our “butterfly bodies” until we’ve crossed the pearly gates and enter into Heaven.  But the process begins here.  Everything that happens here, God is using to mold you into the beautiful butterfly He has in mind.

So, as you live this life, as you experience the ups and downs, just remember you’re in His chrysalis.  Remember He’s got you in the center of His hands.

And, as you have questions or need a little bit of encouragement, come hang out here!

In His Chrysalis is a website Amy, a girl from the Rocky Mountains, has created.  She has big dreams for this website, but for now, what you see is what you get.  She hopes this website is a place where young women of Faith can come and ask questions, be encouraged, learn a bit about life, and be reminded of the incredible women they are.


If you have any questions – email me at inhischrysalis@gmail.com


3 responses to “WHY!?!

  1. Stormy Anderson

    May this also remind you of the amazing woman God has created in you. Congratulations! I have great hopes for this web-site. Keep following the dream in your heart and don’t let anything stop you!

  2. Hello!
    I was wondering if you would consider reading my book, IN HIS CHRYSALIS?
    It’s my personal testimony of God’s faithfulness through my dad’s 32 years in a coma.

    Seems we have somewhat the same vision for the name.

    Blessings }ï{

    • belovedmeadow

      Hi Judy!
      I’d LOVE to read your book. That being said, I’m a momma of a four-year-old and a two-year-old, plus the Children’s Director at our church these days (one of the reason I haven’t posted on here in forever). My reading usually looks like listening to books. But, if you’re okay with it taking a while, then, yes, I’m all in!

      I’ve started following In His Chrysalis on Facebook!

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