08.25.17 – Hearing the voice of my man on the phone.  Hearing of his achievements, knowing I’ll get to see him soon.

10.23.14 – The clear blue sky, the glowing yellows, the fiery reds of fall

8.24.14 – A barista at Starbucks singing “Nobody Needs To Know” from The Last Five Years – without shame or apology, filling the store with his rather gorgeous voice.

8.19.14 – the deep purple of plums on green-leafed trees
Said plums dropping onto my parked car, as if they were mad at it
Hummingbirds!!!!!!!!!!  and their fun songs and chirps, just the magic of them

7.01.14 – roasting and eating marshmallows that were bigger than our faces (well, almost)
6.30.14 – Sumitting Mt. Democrat!

6.29.14 – Lots of teenagers playing with glow sticks in the dark of a campsite.

6.28.14 – Blowing bubbles with a princess, having a yellow butterfly come play too.

2.2.14 – Elderly couples who love each other deeply and don’t care who knows!  Someday, God willing, I want to be like them.

12.21.13 – The way the glow of streetlights illuminates the angel-wing-feather-like snowflakes coming to rest on earth.

12.6.13 – Obviously I spend a good chunk of my time at coffee shops.  Well, during today’s coffee shop adventure, the rugged older man sitting in the opposite corner, who is wearing a worn and well-loved cowboy hat, reading a book he holds with his fingers that resemble tree roots more than fingers, and who wears quiet wisdom at the corners of his eyes brings a smile to my face.

11.18.13 – This one is mixed.  A Dad who takes his little girl on a coffee date.  The way he interacts with her is incredibly sweet.  I just wish he’d get off his phone and actually talk to his little princess.
– I am VERY grateful for the father who walked in a half hour later with his two early-teenage girls and is doing an excellent job of engaging with them.  There needs to be more daddies like him in the world.

09.30.13   I go to Starbucks to write a paper for school about the differences in the Protestant and the Orthodox church.  And as I’m setting up, a man sees my book on the Orthodox church,  asks what I’m doing, and then gets really excited.  He grew up Protestant, but started attending the Greek Orthodox church fourteen years ago.  He then proceeds to talk to me for the next hour about what the Greek Orthodox church believes.  He talked with such passion.  I could feel God smiling on us as we talked.

09.29.13     Being teased by a barista because I made an excited sound when ordering my coffee.  Yes, I’m a nerd like that (apparently).

The stillness and peace in the Autumn air.  (I LOVE this time of year).

09.04.13 – bunnies!!!!
– mocha cookies and cream shakes!!!!!

09.01.13 – The man sitting across from me with his computer has dark brown hair….with BLUE SPOTS!!!!  I bet his five-year old daughter put them in there for him.  (I don’t actually know, I just like to imagine it).

The red rose one of my youth group kids gave me.  But mostly the sweet look on the boy’s face and the hug after (he had just gotten it from the Women’s Ministry table  downstairs, but still!).

Waking up and knowing it rained last night.

Purposefully stepping in puddles (even if they’re almost too small to be called puddles).

Having 3 blank pages left in my journal.  New journal time!  (I already have my new one.  I’m excited to get to know it!)

06.28.13 – Butterflies.  Butterflies make me smile.  Big, yellow ones that lazily float around on the warm air of summer.  They make me smile.  And yes, I said they make me smile twice.  On purpose.


5.24.13 – The late spring full moon….and a picture that ACTUALLY turned out!  I NEVER get pictures of the moon that work!


4.28.13 – Dare I whisper it?  Spring!  The two days of Spring that Colorado gets!  I LOVE them!!!!!

3.21.13 – A seventh grade boy in response to the reason “you’ll learn a little more about a woman’s heart” when told why he should go see the school play, Cinderella, saying, “I think I know what I’m doing”.  I should probably be offended, but it’s so funny because he is SO very clueless!

3.3.13 – the air tonight, heavy with God.  There’s not much on this earth that’s more romantic than this sort of night.

2.19 – a gentle, sweet, perfect love letter (sunrise) from God this morning

2.17.13 –  The strong caress of a rose on my face as its scent swirls around my heart.

12.13 – A puppy sleeping on the carpet beside my bed.

12.13 – An evening out with friends.

12.13 – The morning sky completely filled with the a soul-hugging sunrise.

12.05.12 – A sixth-grade boy dashing out the door to recess, playing on his air guitar and head-banging all the way.

11.17.12 – Being in Starbucks and watching an elderly man, dressed in jeans and a red plaid flannel shirt, practice his dance moves while he waits for his coffee.


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