Obedience and New Years Resolutions


I was sitting across the table from a good friend of mine the other day and discussing life.  She was telling me about how God’s been challenging her to be obedient.I think I gave her a quizzical look; she doesn’t strike me as someone who just tells God what she’s going to do, and then asks Him to bless it.  And she really doesn’t seem like type to not even tell God what she was doing.  She’s really the type to say, “Hey God, what do You think about this?”

So my friend explained that when she asks God what He wants her to do in a situation, instead of just praying, “God, show me, lead me.”  She says, “Okay God, I see this working out three different ways.  Do you want me to pursue Way A, Way B, or Way C?”  And while she IS seeking God’s advice, she’s not leaving room for Him to be God.  She’s limiting Him.

This weekend is the last weekend of the year, and people all over the U.S. tomorrow will be making “New Year’s Resolutions” about this coming year.  Resolutions to lose weight, or to work out, or to learn a new language, or be nicer, or give more stuff away, or pet more kittens.  If this is a tradition of yours, instead of saying that you’re going to be nicer to all the kittens of the world, why not make it a resolution to ask God what He wants out of you each day, out of each situation you’re not sure about?

See, God dreams big.  Bigger than you or I can imagine.  And if we are content leading lives of petting kittens and being nicer to people, while those are wonderful things, we’re going to miss out.  God has HUGE stuff for us.  So don’t limit Him this year.  Seek Him.  Be obedient to His calling; and allow HIM to reveal that calling to you.  Not giving Him options of what He could do, but giving Him complete freedom to do whatever He pleases in your life.  In the meantime, while you wait and pursue Him, ask Him to give you courage to pursue whatever it is He has planned for you.  And never once doubt those plans for this coming year, for the rest of your life, are ginormous.

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!


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