Rotten Words

It used to be that I couldn’t accept a compliment…mostly because I didn’t believe it.  Ever.  Tell me I was pretty or looked nice, and I’d blame it on my make-up or my outfit or…whatever else I could think of.

Granted, I had other reasons for not believing, but also, I just didn’t trust my friends’ words.  I knew what they said about each other behind their backs.  I knew what kind of language came out of their mouths.  It was often insincere, sometimes crude.

Which is probably one of the reasons I couldn’t believe them when they told me I looked cute.  When your mouth mostly pours out gunk, then the good stuff that might come out isn’t really all that believable.  In fact, it’s highly suspect.   Actually, that’s scriptural.  God says that from out of the depths of our heart, our mouth speaks.  And so if most of the words come out of your mouth smell of garbage, than what’s in your heart?  When your heart is rotten, even the nice words smell of rotten food.





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2 responses to “Rotten Words

  1. kissfish

    This on hit me. HARD. I’ve judged (and not in a bad way) friends of mine the same way you did above — feeling disappointed and hurt at the things they say behind each other backs. And yet, I’m the hypocrite who has done the same thing. Said poisonous, hurtful things behind the backs of friends I dearly love. For a second I stopped to wonder if I was somewhere in this blog post, with my rotten mouth — the conviction I’ve felt has helped me clean up my attitude and my mouth a lot, Ms. Amy. Thanks for having the courage to write it.

  2. belovedmeadow

    For the record, I was definitely NOT thinking about you when I wrote this. I was rather depressed about all the garbage I heard flung all over the halls at school…and all the insincere compliments. And it was hitting me harder than normal.

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