One more day

You have ONE January 5th (or 6th, or 7th, or 8th) per year.  How are you spending it?  Are you wasting it? And yes, I realize it’s just one day in the middle of a bunch of others, but hang with me for a sec.  You have ONE of today.  You only get one of these a year.  I’ve only been given 30 January 5ths.  Who knows how many more God has declared for me?  Maybe none.  Maybe 53.  But, even if it’s 53, than, at the end of my life, I’ll only have lived 83 January 5ths.  And how did I spend each and every one?  Was I wise with them?  Did I reach out to someone else?  Did I encourage someone?  Did I learn something more about God?  Did I tell HIM that I love Him? Did I notice His love notes to me laced among each of those 83 days?  Did I gently handle each heart I came in contact with?  

How am I spending today? 


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