Summer Time

So, it’s summer.  That wonderful time when you don’t have to do math assignments, or write research papers, or discover the force of gravity.

But how are you spending all your free time?  Are you in front of your TV for most of it?  Or on Facebook?  At the mall?  Or texting?

Some of that is good.  Some of that is restful and necessary.  But not a lot, actually.

I’ve discovered that the most restful way to spend time is often doing the things you love most…as long as those things don’t include texting, Facebook, tumblr, Twitter…you get the picture.  Go spend some time doing the things that God gave you a love for.  Use whatever it is to encourage, engage, and get to know someone else.

Give God a bit of your time this summer.  After all, we hang out with those we love right?  Why would God be any different?


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