Lasting Impressions

I recently ran across a person that I met six months ago, and haven’t talked to since.  I was surprised by how strong my reaction was to this person, despite not having any sort of contact with them for so long.  To say I was excited to see them is a gross overstatement.  In fact, saying something along the lines of everything inside me felt like I had just walked into a middle school boys’ locker room, and the stench so overwhelmed me that I wanted to vomit and run out the door.  Okay, that might be a tad bit of an over -exaggeration.  But, I definitely did try to avoid this person throughout the time we were in the same room.

I was not loving this person the way God had asked me to.

But that’s something I get to work on, and not the point.

The point being – while we have some control over first impressions – how we look, our general attitude, we don’t have much control over them.  But LAST impressions – the feeling others get when they think of us after they’ve interacted with us – we have lots of control over that.  We can make sure to let the other person know they’re loved, and welcomed, and their presence is enjoyed.  We can leave them with a sense of knowing their Savior and Creator (and at least one of His creations) cares about them.   And really, this Christmas season, that might be the best gift you give anyone – a God-tinted last impression.

I know this is short and late and kinda-haphazard.  Sorry about that.  I blame seeing the second Hobbit movie twice within 24 hours…and finals week.  In other news – I somehow finished my first semester of seminary.  WHAT?!?  


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