Not Life-Threatening, just Life Deepening

There is a man who found out he was going to die of cancer soon.  Very soon.   Friends expected to see him falling apart emotionally.  Or going through a mid-life crisis times a thousand – buying a boat and living on the lake for the rest of his life or something along those lines.  But he didn’t.  He went about normal life, doing normal things, like having coffee with friends, spending time with God, enjoying the simple things.
When someone asked him about this, asked him about his life threatening disease and how he was choosing to live the remaining parts of his life.
He responded with that his disease wasn’t life threatening, just life deepening.  His days had already been numbered, long ago, by God.  The disease was simply a reminder that his days weren’t unending.  That the days he had been given were precious, he needed to spend his time living deeply.
His disease was not life-threatening, simply life deepening.

So, this weekend before New Years, as the Western world thinks about making New Years Resolutions and about how to make themselves better, keep that in mind.  What would it mean to live deeper?  What would that look like for you?   More time with coffee with friends?  More prayer?  More reading books instead of watching TV? More artsy homemade gifts instead of quick, thoughtless bought presents (not that all presents are that way)?  More getting up early to watch sunrises?  Mostly, these ways are mine to live deeper.  What would yours be?


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