Train tracks

This may shock you, but I live in a place where occasionally my driving is hindered by a train rumbling along its tracks that cross some of our roads.  Yes, that still happens.  It’s happened twice to me in the last week, and one of those roads was a super-busy street!  I mean, this road is practically a highway, but all the fast-moving, impatient cars (well, impatient drivers anyway) still had to stop for the train to slowly roll by.
Normally, I try to get out of waiting.  I turn around and try to find a way around (either behind or in front of or under in some cases) the trundling train.  I’ve lived here for a while, so I know what my options are, and make use of them.  The silly thing is though, by the time I get the piece of track that I can drive over, I would have saved time had I stayed where I originally was to begin.  But, even though I know this, the idea of sitting there, counting the cars as they pass makes me slightly jittery.  So much time is wasted while this antiquated form of transportation rolls along its tracks.  And yet, in reality, it’s not that much time.  I timed it yesterday.  Three minutes.  I waste three minutes sitting and waiting for the train.  But the thing is, yesterday while actually waiting (I couldn’t get out of waiting yesterday) I realized that God was teaching me something here.
I think, sometimes, God puts inconvenient things in our lives (that technically, yes, we could get around) in order to make us slow down.  I think He’s trying to give us a chance to stop, take a deep breath, and reflect a bit before moving on.
So when God slows you down a bit – simple things feel a bit harder than normal, or some process you have no control over but whose mercy you’re at takes longer than it should.  It’s okay.  Just breathe.  And instead of worrying about when you’ll get your answer, or whatever, just trust that God’s got this.  That it will be okay.  And relax.  Slow down.  Breathe in, breathe out.  Slow.   Down.




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