In the Still Of The Morning

Morning Reflection by the Lake


This last Sunday I was up early, and so had the time to sit out in the backyard, drink tea, and just soak in the early morning sun, the fresh air, the bird songs, and the general quiet.  I never seem to do that sort of thing enough, and yet when I do, I am always aware that I need to be doing it on a much more consistent basis, and just how very good it is for my mental and spiritual health.

When I am quiet, still, and listening, when I am purposefully spending quality, enjoyable time with my savior, there is something deep within me that awakens.  I am healthier.  I am bolder.  I am gentler.  I am more patient.  I am so much more aware of the needs of those around me, and so much more willing (and able) to enter into that need and minister as I may.

So, I guess that’s my challenge for you and for me this summer.  Regularly spend quiet time*  with the one who created you, with the one who loves you better than anyone else, the one who knows you better than anyone else, the one who stretches and protects you.  Spend time listening to Him, quiet in His presence.  See where He takes you, what He does in you!

* By quiet time, I do not mean spending 30 minutes reading the Bible.  Do that too if you want, and certainly have it nearby, with, perhaps a journal, but spend the time simply being quiet, praying with words only if you must, and listening. 


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