Last weekend was a hard one.  For various reasons I, once again, found myself in a place of heartbreak, insecurity, and fear.  As I described myself to one friend, I felt like a walking wound.

I’ve been there before though. And while it doesn’t make anything go away, I know what my soul needs when I’m feeling like a ball of teary-eyed nerves.

Worship.  Lots of worship.  Usually the same song on repeat while I cry, while I pray, while I sing it through my tears, sing it at the top of my lungs, while I’m simply silent and listen to it.  Somehow, through the tears, praying, singing and silence, the song will work its way into me.  Its truth will remind me of what God needs me to know, needs me to cling to in my brokenness as He repairs me, as He shines through me.

So, I guess, my question for you this week is, when was the last time you let something soak in you all the way to your soul (as dramatic and cheesy as it sounds)?  Because that’s important.

When was the last time you sat still and just listened to a song, listened to a song and clung to the truth of its lyrics, or let God speak to you through it?

If you’re not musical, when was the last time you did that with scripture?  Or a picture that means a lot to you?

Take some time, focus on something, ask God to show you what He’s been trying to teach you.  Just take some time and be quiet in His presence.  It’s something we should do more often.

Shhhhhhhhhhh.  Focus.  Listen.  It’s healing.


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