Post V-Day

Ah, the weekend after Valentine’s Day.  You’ve survived!  Whether it’s because of a sweet, wonderful boyfriend, or it’s because of a chocolate IV drip injected directly to your vein, or lots of tears, or friends, or because you just ignored it – YOU SURVIVED!!

Actually, I know I’m weird, and I’ve probably said this before, but Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday.  And not because I love the attention from the boyfriend (only happened once), and not because of the chocolate, and not because of the roses or parties, or chick flicks, or whatever else is going on.

But because it’s a day to remember.  It’s a day to remember just how much I’m loved – by friends and family, but mostly by God.  It’s a day to remember by noticing.  By noticing the love-letters He places throughout your day – like the sunset and sunrise, like the way your favorite flavor of fro-yo tastes, like the way you feel in your favorite top, like the unexpected hug, or that moment when the exact perfect song comes on Pandora.   All of these are little love letters from God.

So it’s also a day to tell God how much I love Him, whether by spending some extra time with Him, or by giving something special anonymously to someone He’s placed on my heart, or simply (and this one is big for me) by accepting the love He extends to me.   Often this means it’s a day of service, of serving the people He has put in my life in order for me to love them.

So, to me, Valentine’s is a day of love – but not the red roses, chocolate hearts, stuffed teddy bear kinda love.  It’s the real-life, almost-tangible, sacrificial, every-day love.  The kind that’s harder to notice.

Take some time and look around.  As a wise woman once told me, “look for the love” around you, reminding you just who (and whose) exactly you are.


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