Little White Lies

This past weekend I was part of girls’ overnighter where the topic was the lies we believe, and the effect they have on us.  I thought maybe I should post my ending talk here, for today.  It’s definitely a message we forget or ignore all to often.  

Little white lies.  They’re supposed to be no big deal, right?  That’s why they’re called “little” and “white”.  But the truth is, lies – little and white, or big and black – are all lies.  And they hinder truth.  Lies hide things.  Lies cover up mistakes.  Lies cover up sins.  Lies cover up make everything look okay – on the surface.

                But by covering things up, by hiding things, those lies are keeping the world from seeing the real you.  Those lies keep you from healing.  I know it sounds weird, but those lies you believe about yourself, the ones you are acting according to, they are keeping the real you from the world.  And some part of you, whether or not you realize it, resents those lies.  Resents the cover-up, because some part of you, however deep down it might be, knows God created you to shine, and to be seen.  That’s just how it works.  You might think that I’m crazy right now, and you might think I’m crazy for a few more years, but eventually, you will come to realize that I’m right.

                Eventually everything in you will scream to be known, to come clean – no matter how painful that might be.  And you will have to set aside the lies that you might not even realize right now you’re wearing. 

                And you’ll have to face the lie you’ve believed that says your body is too thin, or too fat.  Because that lie has kept you from being comfortable in the skin God gave you.  And this grieves God’s heart.  And it keeps you from realizing just how beautiful you are, and it doesn’t allow you to be the confident woman you are.

                And you’ll have to peel off the lie that says you have to be emotionally strong.  The one that says you can’t show any emotion to anyone, because that’s weakness.  And you aren’t good enough to be weak.  Or that others need you too much for you to be weak.  Or that you aren’t good enough for your tears or giggles.  Because this keeps you from experiencing life to its fullest.  It keeps you from feeling, and allowing other people into your heart and life.  It keeps you from crying your heart out (which can be very healthy) or from giggling like a little girl who was just given her first Barbie doll. 

                And you’ll have to unwind the lie that says you aren’t worthy of love.  Because by believing this one, you can’t accept love from anyone.  Which hurts not only yourself, but them too.  This lie keeps everyone at a distance.

                And you’ll have to rip off the lie that says that you’re too girly….or not girly enough.  Because by believing this one, you are denying the essence of you – the very way God molded you.  You aren’t embracing the woman God purposefully designed you to be, and trying to be someone else.  And by doing that, you aren’t being yourself, the woman God delights in and others enjoy.

                And you’ll have to deal with the lie that God doesn’t love you.  Because if you believe God doesn’t love you, you can’t truly believe that anyone else does either.

                And you’ll have to deal with the lie that you’re needy.
                And that you aren’t smart enough, or that you’re too smart.
                And that you’ll never fit in.
                And that you aren’t pretty enough.
                Or that a guy will never find you attractive.
                Or that you aren’t worthy of a guy’s attention (this one will make you be willing to go so much further physically than you ever would if believed you were worthy of his attention).
                Or that you’ll never understand how to do something.
                Or that you’ll never achieve your dream.
                Or that ….

Well, you get the idea.  All these lies, each and every one keeps some precious part of you hidden away from the people God has put in your life.  Each and every one hides the beautiful, amazing woman you are.  The woman God has called you to be, with a very specific purpose and plan on this planet called earth.

               And so, what do we do with these lies?  Because if you leave them here, they WILL come back and bind you tighter.  That’s just how our brains work.  You take something out, our brains want to replace it with something else, or else our brains dredge back up the lie.  We have to believe SOMETHING about ourselves.

                So, we re-name the lies.  We record over them.  We replace them.  We write over them. 

                Instead of believing that you’re ugly, when that lie floats through your mind (and it will), you remember what God has to say about you.  You write on top of that lie that Psalms 139: 14 – “For I will praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made”.  And you say that verse over and over again until you can’t hear the lie anymore.

                Instead of believing that God doesn’t love you, you record over that lie that “you, being rooted and grounded in love, may have the strength to comprehend with all the saints what is the depth, height,  width and length of God’s love for you.” 

                Instead of believing the lie that says you aren’t special, that there’s nothing unique about you, you’ll write over it that “God chose you to go and bear fruit”.  And you’ll remember how very much He wants you to abide in Him and know Him.  And you’ll repeat this verse over and over until the lies are smothered.

                I know, it sounds like we’re brainwashing you.  And everything in you is saying that this won’t work.  So, I ask you to try it for a while.  To honestly, give it a real try – even if you’re skeptical. 

                And I promise you, it will work.  I know most of you think scripture is rather empty and wordy and boring.  And yeah, it sure can be.

                But it’s also God’s love letter to us, and it’s God’s words – so it is powerful.  Like really, send demons running powerful.  So, of course, it can kill a lie or two.  Especially little white ones.  But you have to be willing to listen to it and give it a chance.  And every time, every stinkin’ time you notice yourself listening to a lie, you pull up your verses and sing them or recite them or read them over and over and over until the lie is gone. 

                And then, And THEN girls….you – the real you – the woman God created you to be, can be seen.  And the world gets the honor and privilege of knowing her.  And SHE gets to experience life as she was created to experience it. 

                And that, girls, THAT is a wonderful, beautiful thing! 


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  1. Stormy Anderson

    Once again you bless me beyond words, dear friend!

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