Being Human

I am really beginning to the hate the Christian phrase, “Well, we’re human.”
There is this idea out there that it is our humanity that causes, or maybe better said, allows, us to do horrible things, or to not achieve what we’re supposed to.
We’re humans, so we murder.

We’re humans, so we wreck our environment.

We’re humans, so we use each other.

We’re humans, so we gossip.

We’re humans, so we sleep around.

We’re humans, so we bully each other.

We’re humans, so…

You get the idea.

And I hate it, because it’s not true.  We DON’T do those things because we’re humans.  There is nothing bad about being human.  In fact, when God made Adam and Eve, in the garden, He said that “It was very good.”  God wouldn’t say that about something that inherently did horrible things.
Being human is good.
But, living in a world that is broken, (thanks to a little fruit eating, and then years and millennia and who knows how long of rebellion against God) we seem to think that this is natural.  That our fallen state is natural.  And that this is just the way it is.

And it IS just the way it is…but it wasn’t supposed to be so.

Stop blaming stuff on being human, and own up to being broken.  It might actually help.

Broken can be fixed.  Broken can be restored and redeemed.  Broken can be repurposed.  Broken is not the end of the world.

Own up to being simply broken, to living in a broken world (it will help you remember this isn’t how it’s supposed to be and there is better coming); allow God to fix your brokenness.  Let’s see where that gets us.



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2 responses to “Being Human

  1. Clarissa

    Amy, an excellent point. I am often frustrated when people use Romans 7:18 to text proof the human-so-do-bad-things argument instead of seeing it in the larger discussion of brokenness, the Law, and redemption from/in spite of/because of brokenness the passage explains. You wrote this much more clearly, though. Thanks!

  2. Heretic

    This type of thing can be applied to so many areas of life. “boy will be boys” or anything like that. There’s a set of culturally constructed ideas and norms that swarm society in the worst ways possible. And when people feel compelled to justify them, they use those cliche phrases. Humans generally are prone to do horrible things, in more ways than one, but that isn’t because it’s natural for humans to be that way. This is where the argument of nature versus nurture comes into play, which is another whole can-O-worms.

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